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The Pastor, Elder Earnest Claiborn, and his family moved to Minnesota by faith in March of 2000. They left behind their family and friends to walk in destiny and purpose. They chose to follow God's great work. Pastor Claiborn had served under the Pastorialship of Bishop Earnest Miller, of "Greater Bethel Apostolic Temple" in Greenwood, MS for over 15 years.

Once arriving in Minnesota, God led the dynamic preacher to plant roots here. Soon, Potter's House Of Jesus Christ was founded. Some of the first members included his wife and children, other family and friends. After being led to the location to lease space from a Methodist Church, Potter's House held its first service. Since that day in September 2000, six months after he relocated his family to Minnesota, Potter's House has been blessed with stability, continued growth, God's blessings abound throughout the church, and a new Multi-plex Center. The vision for the church is simple, to prepare people for Heaven and living successful lives.

That means baptizing them in the Name of Jesus, helping them learn to study the Word of God, develop a solid prayer life, learn what it means to be in a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how to receive the Holy Spirit, and using God's gifts to help build up the church and the ministry. The church is filled with people who are full of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues as the evidence, and enjoying the fruit of living in and using the gifts of the Spirit.

We live by the Holy Spirit. Our schedule is designed to serve God. Our families are taught to worship God. We are focused on, centered around, and geared toward giving God the glory for His work in our lives. We are living sacrifices. We want to make certain that the pure blood sacrifice of Jesus,is death, burial and resurrection, does what He intended.

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