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Faith = Success: Go Ahead Walk On Water Without Faith you will Fail, but with Faith you will Succeed!

The Lord inspired me to write "Faith = Success: Go Ahead, Walk on Water" nearly ten years ago for the edification of the church, families, and individuals around the world. I have been working on this book for nearly ten years as God has directed me, and given me the wisdom and knowledge to write. Without a doubt, the wisdom and knowledge that you will learn from this book is going to change your life forever.

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Married And Wanna Be Single, Single And Wanna Be Marrie

A must read for any woman, whether married or single.I awoke one morning after completing a hundred hours of fasting and was inspired to write about my experiences in counseling and listening to single women and married women inside and outside of the church. I have spent hundreds of relentless hours listening to single Christian and non-Christian women who are not spiritually ready for marriage, but yet want to be married, and to married women who want to be single again due to prematurely getting married and not wanting to do the mature thing and stay and face the common problems that come when two people get married.

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It Didn't Work

It Didn't Work is developed around the scripture Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you..... (KJV). This book speaks on the various weapons that were formed during one of the most pivotal experiences that LaShunda endured in her walk with God. Although the weapons were formed, they were never allowed to prosper and win. While LaShunda's walk in God may have presented different experiences than yours, some of the same weapons may have been formed in your life. This book not only speaks on those weapons, but it points out God's Word that was able, is able, and will always be able to destroy any weapon that may come in your life. There is absolutely NO WEAPON that will ever be able to reach success in its mission to destroy you. Instead, there is a promise from God that weapons will be destroyed and you will always win!

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